A large part of maintaining the mechanical integrity of pipelines is through pipeline pigging. Hydrotech uses state of the art smart pigging technology to clean and inspect the interior of your pipe for corrosion, cracks, and metal loss.

HydroTech offers comprehensive in-line inspections (ILI) built to provide a detailed assessment of your natural gas pipelines. HydroTech is backed with over 10 years of experience in the field, helping to ensure pipeline integrity for pipeline operators through detailed pipeline inspection. Our comprehensive reports contain detailed information about the pipeline.

pipeline pigging procedures

HydroTech Testing Services takes pipeline integrity and safety seriously.

Our process starts with pipeline cleaning using cleaning pigs to prepare the pipeline for inspection. Intelligent Pigs are then sent into the piping when it is actively being used, as to not disrupt service to customers. The pigs move through the pipe with the pressure of the natural gas, probing and analyzing the pipeline interior and exterior for abnormalities, recording each step of its journey. Any anomaly found that may impact the safety of the pipeline is then noted. Pigging is key to leak prevention and can detect the potential for leaks and weak spots before they ever occur.

HydroTech offers comprehensive pigging services to ensure the safety and integrity of your pipeline. Our engineers have the expertise to craft a unique pigging service plan and equipment for your pipeline and products.

pipeline inspection tools

  • Caliper Tools - Up to 42"
  • Deformation Tools - Up to 42"
  • MFL Tools (2021-22)
  • 35% Collapsibility
  • 1.5D Back-to-Back Bends
  • Direct Wall Contact GEO Sensors
  • Local Same-Day Mobilization
  • Patended Design and Technologies
  • IMU Mapping Capable

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What is Intelligent Pigging?

Intelligent pigging is a process of inspecting (with a smart pig) pipelines for corrosion, cracks, and wear by using an instrumented device that travels through the pipeline and transmits data to an external receiver. Pigging a pipeline is a non-invasive and reliable method of evaluating the condition of pipelines without interrupting the flow of material through them.

How does Smart Pigging Work?

Smart pigging is a process where a tool, called a pig, is inserted into a pipeline to detect any corrosion, cracks, or blockages. While pigging a pipeline, it then records data about the pipeline’s condition and is then pulled back out for analysis.

What are the Advantages of Smart Pigging?

Smart pig pipeline inspections offer several advantages, including the ability to detect pipeline damage quickly, reduce the need for manual inspection, and reduce maintenance costs. Intelligent pigging services can provide an accurate assessment of the condition of a pipeline, allowing companies to more efficiently manage their assets.

How much does a Smart Pig Cost?

The cost of a smart pig can vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the type, size, and features you require. Pipeline pigging services are a great help if you are smart pigging pipelines.


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