HydroTech is a leading provider of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) services and management. RNG is the future of natural gas production and an environmentally friendly alternative to natural gas fossil fuels.

RNG projects require expertise in multiple disciplines to successfully deliver and extract this renewable energy source. HydroTech’s team of experts will listen to your needs and provide valuable solutions to your questions and problems. We can deliver solutions that guarantee the success of your RNG operation for years to come.

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas is an alternative fuel source that is the future of clean energy in the United States and across the world. It is carbon-neutral and can be collected from a variety of sources including farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants. Essentially, it is a way to convert organic waste into fuel and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

RNG is a biogas that is produced from methane emissions, the biogas is then refined into natural gas quality and can be used to decarbonize existing pipelines. It can be used as transportation fuel, as a heat source, and to generate electricity. RNG is a pathway to a more environmentally friendly planet.

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What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a renewable, clean fuel source. RNG is a a type of biogas, or biomethane gas that is refined and cleaned to meet the pipeline-quality standards of natural gas.

How is RNG Collected?

The most common collection points for RNG are landfills, farms, and wastewater treatment. It can also be collected from factories from industrial processes. 

Methane emissions are collected on site and go through a complex purification process before they are ready for use and considered a natural gas equivalent. 

Uses and Benefits of Renewable Natural Gas

The most common uses for Renewable Natural Gas is as an alternative fuel source. It can be used to fuel cars, for heat, and for electricity generation.


RNG has a variety of benefits, including environmental and economic advantages over other fuel sources. It has been linked to improved air quality and removes harmful methane from the air. RNG also diversifies our fuel sources and can improve local economies. 


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