HydroTech’s nitrogen services ensure the safety and efficiency of your pipeline. We offer a full panel of nitrogen services for the oil and gas industry, including Drying, Packing, Purging, and Blankets. Our N2 services guarantee that your natural gas pipelines are operating optimally.

HydroTech uses advanced pumping unit technology to keep everything running smoothly, making sure deadlines are met and managed. Rely on HydroTech for state-of-the-art Nitrogen Services backed by safety and dependable services.

Nitrogen services Procedure

Nitrogen has a variety of uses and benefits in the oil and gas industry for midstream and upstream operations. HydroTech offers reliable delivery of quality nitrogen that gets there when you need it. We have years of expertise in the field, meaning that we can help your projects run smoothly from start to finish. We offer a full range of Nitrogen Services from pressure testing, purging, temperature management, and improving liquid flow. HydroTech is your one-stop shop for complete Nitrogen Services.

Nitrogen pumping equipment

  • 90k Pump Units
  • 180k Pump Units
  • 10k PSI
  • 2000 Gallon Liquid N2 Tanks
  • 7200 Gallon Transport Units
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Safety Shut Down Systems
nitrogen services

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What are Nitrogen Pumping Services?

Nitrogen pumping services involve the delivery and pumping of nitrogen. This includes nitrogen purging for pipelines, nitrogen pressure testing, and nitrogen blanketing for storage tanks.

What is Nitrogen Used For?

Nitrogen (N2) is often used as a “blanketing” gas in oil and gas production to prevent combustion and atmospheric oxidation. N2 solutions can also be used for pipeline pressure testing, pipeline nitrogen purging, and nitrogen pumping can be used to enhance oil recovery by increasing the pressure inside underground reservoirs to improve oil flow.

Why is Nitrogen Used for Purging?

Nitrogen is used for purging because it is an inert gas that does not react with other gases. Additionally, nitrogen purging systems and nitrogen itself can be relatively inexpensive to use.

What is the Process of Purging?

Nitrogen purging is a process of introducing nitrogen gas into a system to replace oxygen and other gasses. The nitrogen will displace the oxygen, creating an inert atmosphere that is safe for operations.

How Long Does it Take to Purge Nitrogen?

The time it takes to purge nitrogen depends on the size and type of system, but generally it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. It is important to ensure a thorough purging process to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere.

What are the Dangers of Nitrogen Purging?

Nitrogen purging in gas pipelines can be dangerous if not done properly. It can lead to an oxygen-depleted environment that can cause asphyxiation. Additionally, if a leak is not detected and corrected quickly, it can lead to a hazardous buildup of combustible gasses.


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